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PMI-RMP Practice Test | Beth is the project manager of the BFG… 0

Question: 18

Beth is the project manager of the BFG Project for her company. In this project Beth has decided to create a contingency response based on the performance of the project schedule. If the project schedule variance is greater than $10,000 the contingency plan will be implemented. What is the formula for the schedule variance?


Answer: D

PMI-RMP Braindumps | You are working with Anna… 0

Question: 5

You are working with Anna on your project to determine and map the probability distributions of risk within the project. You have indicated that you will use the uniform distribution method for a portion of the project. Which part of your project is most likely to have a uniform risk distribution?

A. Late completion stages of a project
B. Project phases that deal with “cutover” technologies
C. Early concept stage of design
D. Project initiating

Answer: C

PMI-RMP Questions Answer | Jenny is the project manager… 0

Questions: 4

Jenny is the project manager of the NHJ Project for her company. She has identified several positive risk events within the project and she thinks these events can save the project time and money. You, a new team member wants to know that how many risk responses are available for a positive risk event. What will Jenny reply to you?

A. Four
B. Three
C. Seven
D. Acceptance is the only risk response for positive risk events.

Answer: A