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PMI-RMP Braindumps | John works as a project… 0

Questions: 16

John works as a project manager for ABD project. He and his team, are working on the following activities:

  • Relative ranking or priority list of project risks
  • Watchlists of low priority risk
  • Trends in Qualitative Risk Analysis results

On which of the following processes is John working on?

A. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
B. Plan Risk Management
C. Plan Risk Responses
D. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Answer: A

PMI-RMP Practice Test | You are the project manager… 0

Questions: 14

You are the project manager of the KJH Project and are working with your project team to plan the risk responses. Consider that your project has a budget of $500,000 and is expected to last six months. Within the KJH Project you have identified a risk event that has a probability of .70 and has a cost impact of $350,000. When it comes to creating a risk response for this event what is the risk exposure of the event that must be considered for the cost of the risk response?

A. The risk exposure of the event is $245,000.
B. The risk exposure of the event is $500,000.
C. The risk exposure of the event is $350,000.
D. The risk exposure of the event is $850,000.

Answer: A

PMI-RMP Practice Test | John is the project manager… 0

Questions: 13

John is the project manager of the NHQ Project for his company. His project has 75 stakeholders, some of which are external to the organization. John needs to make certain that he communicates about risk in the most appropriate method for the external stakeholders. Which project management plan will be the best guide for John to communicate to the external stakeholders?

A. Risk Response Plan
B. Risk Management Plan
C. Communications Management Plan
D. Project Management Plan

Answer: C

PMI-RMP You are the project manager… 0

Questions: 12

You are the project manager of the NHQ Project for your company. You have completed qualitative and quantitative analysis of your identified project risks and you would now like to find an approach to increase project opportunities and to reduce threats within the project. What project management process would best help you?

A. Monitor and control project risks
B. Create a risk governance approach
C. Create the project risk register
D. Plan risk responses

Answer: D

PMI-RMP Braindumps | You are preparing to start… 0

Questions: 11

You are preparing to start the qualitative risk analysis process for your project. You will be relying on some
organizational process assets to influence the process. Which one of the following is NOT a probable reason for relying on organizational process assets as an input for qualitative risk analysis?

A. Studies of similar projects by risk specialists
B. Risk databases that may be available from industry sources
C. Review of vendor contracts to examine risks in past projects
D. Information on prior, similar projects

Answer: C

PMI-RMP Dumps Questions | You work as a project… 0

Questions: 10

You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. You want to create a visual diagram, which can depict the resources that will be used within the project. Which of the following diagrams will you create to accomplish the task?

A. Roles and responsibility matrix
B. Work breakdown structure
C. Resource breakdown structure
D. RACI chart

Answer: C

PMI-RMP Braindumps | Virginia is the project manager… 0

Questions: 9

Virginia is the project manager for her organization. She has hired a subject matter expert to interview the project stakeholders on certain identified risks within the project. The subject matter expert will assess the risk event with what specific goal in mind?

A. To determine the level of probability and impact for each risk event
B. To determine the bias of the risk event based on each person interviewed
C. To determine the probability and cost of the risk event
D. To determine the validity of each risk event

Answer: A

PMI-RMP Braindumps | Your organization has named you… 0

Questions: 8

Your organization has named you the project manager of the JKN Project. This project has a BAC of $1,500,000 and it is expected to last 18 months. Management has agreed that if the schedule baseline has a variance of more than five percent then you will need to crash the project. What happens when the project manager crashes a project?

A. Project risks will increase.
B. The project will take longer to complete, but risks will diminish.
C. Project costs will increase.
D. The amount of hours a resource can be used will diminish.

Answer: C