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PgMP Answer Questions | Two project managers in your… 0

Question: 41

Two project managers in your program, Marcy and Mary, are not agreeing with the scheduling of project resources and they have asked for your help to determine the resolution. They are refusing to speak with each other and each is telling you that the other person is scheduling project resources for the project that
are already scheduled to complete the work. In the communication model, what component represents the disagreement of these two project managers and their refusal to speak with each other about a resolution?

A. Conflict
B. Noise
C. Barrier
D. Ad hoc

Answer: C

PgMP Dumps Questions | You are the program manager… 0

Questions: 40

You are the program manager for your organization and you’re dealing with several issues about the materials used in the program. Right now, the issues have been assigned to issue owners for resolution in
ten days. In the interim, what should you do with the issues?

A. Nothing – the issue owners will manage all concerns with the issues.
B. Record the issues in the issue register.
C. Communicate the issue status with the program sponsor.
D. Document the issues in the risk register.

Answer: B

PgMP Practice Questions | Martha is sharing her experience… 0

Question: 39

Martha is sharing her experience of her last project as the project manager. She tells that when she presented customer a formal acceptance and sign-off document, they refused to sign, claiming that the product does not meet their expectation. Taking which of the following steps could have been prevented the situation? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

A. Performing quality inspections regularly
B. Archiving sign-off at important milestones
C. Documenting the requirements
D. Completing the project behind the schedule

Answer: ABC

PgMP Dumps Questions | Robert is the program manager… 0

Questions: 38

Robert is the program manager of the NHQ Program. His team has never worked with one another before this program and he is worried about their abilities to become a team in very short order. He would like to create a team development exercise to facilitate this process. Robert will need all of the following information except for which one to facilitate team development?

A. Risk management plan
B. Program management plan
C. Personnel records
D. Training records

Answer: A

PgMP Practice Exam | A new program is being… 0

Questions : 37

A new program is being initiated for the HNQ Organization. The program manager is working with the business analyst and management to define several attributes of the program. All of the following are identified during program initiation except for which one?

A. Program risk
B. Program benefits
C. Program scope
D. Link to organizational strategy

Answer: A