Know how about PMI’s Certification

PMI (Project Management Institute) credentials are the most important industry-recognized certifications for IT professionals in the field of project management. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMI’s certifications demonstrate that you have the experience, education, and competency to lead and direct projects.

There are five different certifications offered by the PMI which are as follows:

1. PgMP: Program Management Professional
2. PMP: Project Management Professional
3. CAPM: Certified Associate Project Manager
4. PMI-SP: PMI Scheduling Professional
5. PMI-RMP: PMI Risk Management Professional

PMP certification is the most popular one among the five certifications offered by PMI. This is regarded as one of the most coveted and prestigious project management certifications in the world. Although it’s a difficult exam and costs are on the higher side, but there are many professional advantages of doing PMP and there is no doubt about that PMP can excel your career to new heights.

Benefits of achieving PMI's Certification

A PMI’s credential opens up great opportunities for IT professionals, on the career front. It expands your market scope and value, improves your project management skills, exhibits your ability to handle challenging projects, brings in critical projects for you, and increases your salary tremendously.

Here are the top 10 benefits of achieving this valuable Credential:

1. It is globally recognized and accepted credential.
2. It sets you apart from your non-credential peers.
3. Recognizes your project management skills worldwide.
4. Enhances your project management skills.
5. Empowers you with skills to Improve project performance.
6. Validates and displays your skills and experience in successfully completing challenging and critical industry-based projects.
7. Increases your value as a PMP and gives you the scope to lead, direct, and implement challenging projects.
8. Provides you greater job opportunities in the global project management scenario.
9. Attaining PMI credential expands your market reach by getting out to potential employers from across the globe.
10. Increases your salary noticeably.

Earn a PMI credential now and step ahead in your Project Management Career

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PMI-SP | Fred has crashed the project… 0

Question: 18

Fred is the project manager of the NHA project. This project has a BAC of $2,456,900 and is sixty percent complete. Fred has crashed the project, which has driven the project costs to date to $1,525,140, but his project is five percent more complete than what was planned. What is the cost variance for this project that Fred needs to report to management?

A. $122,845
B. -$51,000
C. -$85,000
D. Zero

Answer: B

PgMP | You can use to monitor, control, and record the performance… 0

Question: 20

You are the program manager for your organization. Your program team has 43 people that all need to be monitored and controlled. You would like to create a standardized report that you can use to monitor, control, and record the performance of each staff member in your program. What type of report can you create that will help you track your staff and their performance?

A. Performance reports
B. Staff variance reports
C. Exceptions report
D. Lessons learned

Answer: A

PgMP | Mike is the program manager of the NHQ Program… 0

Question: 18

Mike is the program manager of the NHQ Program. Mike and a vendor are in disagreement over the deliverable the vendor has created for Mike\’s program. Mike does not believe the vendor has correctly created the deliverable, while the vendor is adamant that his company has indeed completed the contract. Both parties have documented their stance in the debate. This is an example of what?

A. Breach of contract
B. Issue
C. Risk
D. Claim

Answer: D

PMI-SP | You are the project manager of the GHY Project… 0

Question: 15

You are the project manager of the GHY Project. This project is scheduled to last for one year and has a BAC of $4,500,000. You are currently 45 percent complete with this project, though you are supposed to be at your second milestone which accounts for half of the project completion. There have been some errors in the project, which has caused you to spend $2,073,654. What is this project’s schedule variance?

A. -$48,654
B. 13 percent
C. -$225,000
D. 0.98

Answer: C


The schedule variance can be found by subtracting the planned value form the earned value. In this instance, it is $2,025,000 minus $2,250,000. SV = 2,025,000 – 2,250,000 = -225,000 Schedule variance (SV) is a measure of schedule performance on a project. The variance notifies that the schedule is ahead or behind what was planned for this period in time. The schedule variance is calculated based on the following formula: SV = Earned Value (EV) – Planned Value (PV) If the resulting schedule is negative, it indicates that the project is behind schedule. A value greater than 0 shows that the project is ahead of the planned schedule. A value of 0 indicates that the project is right on target. Answer option A is incorrect. This is the cost variance for the project. Answer option B is incorrect. 13 percent is not a valid answer. Answer option D is incorrect. This is not a valid variance for this question; variances are typically negative numbers.

PgMP | Eric is the project manager of the NQQ Project… 0

Question: 17

Eric is the project manager of the NQQ Project and has hired the ZAS Corporation to complete part of the project work for Eric\’s organization. Due to a change request the ZAS Corporation is no longer needed on the project even though they have completed nearly all of the project work. Is Eric\’s organization liable to pay the ZAS Corporation for the work they have completed so far on the project?

A. It depends on what the outcome of a lawsuit will determine.
B. No, the ZAS Corporation did not complete all of the work.
C. It depends on what the termination clause of the contract stipulates.
D. Yes, the ZAS Corporation did not choose to terminate the contract work.

Answer: C

PMI-SP | You have been hired as a project manager for Tech Perfect… 0

Question: 14

You have been hired as a project manager for Tech Perfect Inc. You are studying the documentation of planning of a project. The documentation states that there are twenty-five stakeholders with the project. What will be the number of communication channels for the project?

A. 300
B. 50
C. 600
D. 25

Answer: A


According to the question, the project has twenty-five stakeholders. Communication channels are paths of communication with stakeholders in a project. The number of communication channels shows the complexity of a project’s communication and can be derived through the formula shown below: Total Number of Communication Channels = n (n-1)/2 where, n is the number of stakeholders. Hence, a project having five stakeholders will have ten communication channels. Putting the value of the number of stake holder in the formula will provide the number of communication channels: Number of communication channel = (n (n-1)) / 2 = (25 (25-1)) / 2 = (25 x 24) / 2 = 600 / 2 = 300 Who are project stakeholders? Project stakeholders are those entities within or without an organization, which:

Sponsor a project or, Have an interest or a gain upon a successful completion of a project. Examples of project stakeholders include the customer, the user group, the project manager, the development team, the testers, etc. Stakeholders are anyone who has an interest in the project. Project stakeholders are individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be affected as a result of project execution or project completion. They may also exert influence over the project’s objectives and outcomes. The project management team must identify the stakeholders, determine their requirements and expectations, and, to the extent possible, manage their influence in relation to the requirements to ensure a successful project.

PgMP | Harriet is the program manager of a large program… 0

Question: 16

Harriet is the program manager of a large program that has a high profile and visibility in her organization. Some of the stakeholders are negative and Harriet needs to work with these stakeholders to address their fears, perceived threats, and concerns about the program. Which communication method is considered to be the best approach for this scenario?

A. Face-to-face
B. Many-to-many
C. Ad hoc conversation
D. One-to-many

Answer: A