Know how about PMI’s Certification

PMI (Project Management Institute) credentials are the most important industry-recognized certifications for IT professionals in the field of project management. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMI’s certifications demonstrate that you have the experience, education, and competency to lead and direct projects.

There are five different certifications offered by the PMI which are as follows:

1. PgMP: Program Management Professional
2. PMP: Project Management Professional
3. CAPM: Certified Associate Project Manager
4. PMI-SP: PMI Scheduling Professional
5. PMI-RMP: PMI Risk Management Professional

PMP certification is the most popular one among the five certifications offered by PMI. This is regarded as one of the most coveted and prestigious project management certifications in the world. Although it’s a difficult exam and costs are on the higher side, but there are many professional advantages of doing PMP and there is no doubt about that PMP can excel your career to new heights.

Benefits of achieving PMI's Certification

A PMI’s credential opens up great opportunities for IT professionals, on the career front. It expands your market scope and value, improves your project management skills, exhibits your ability to handle challenging projects, brings in critical projects for you, and increases your salary tremendously.

Here are the top 10 benefits of achieving this valuable Credential:

1. It is globally recognized and accepted credential.
2. It sets you apart from your non-credential peers.
3. Recognizes your project management skills worldwide.
4. Enhances your project management skills.
5. Empowers you with skills to Improve project performance.
6. Validates and displays your skills and experience in successfully completing challenging and critical industry-based projects.
7. Increases your value as a PMP and gives you the scope to lead, direct, and implement challenging projects.
8. Provides you greater job opportunities in the global project management scenario.
9. Attaining PMI credential expands your market reach by getting out to potential employers from across the globe.
10. Increases your salary noticeably.

Earn a PMI credential now and step ahead in your Project Management Career

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PMI-SP | Beth is the project manager for the NHQ project… 0

Question: 7

Beth is the project manager for the NHQ project. This project deals with fiber optic cabling in her organizational campus. Tim is the electrical engineer for her company and is the only internal resource that can complete several of the project activities that deal with the fiber optic cables. Because Tim is a highly-skilled resource, he is already scheduled on several projects within the organization and is not available when Beth needs him to complete some of the project activities. This is an example of which term?

A. Resource calendar conflict
B. Matrix network
C. Organizational process assets
D. Activity resource requirements

Answer: D

PMI-SP | Which of the following are the inputs to the Develop Project… 0

Question: 6

Which of the following are the inputs to the Develop Project Charter process? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

A. Procurement document
B. Contract
C. Business case
D. Project statement of work

Answer: BCD


The Develop Project Charter process documents the formal authorization of a project or a phase. It also documents initial requirements that satisfy the stakeholder’s needs and expectations. It is used to validate the decisions made during the previous iteration of the Develop Project Charter process.

The various inputs of this process are as follows:

Project statement of work Business case
Enterprise environmental factors
Organizational process assets

The output of the Develop project Charter process is as follows:

Project charter
Answer option A is incorrect. Procurement document is the input of the Identify Stakeholders process.

PMI-SP | John works as the project manager for Honeywell Inc… 0

Question: 5

John works as the project manager for Honeywell Inc. He is involved in the periodic collection and analysis of baseline versus actual data to understand and communicate the project progress. Which of the following techniques is used in generating performance reports?

A. Work performance information
B. Change requests
C. Work performance measurements
D. Forecasting method

Answer: D

PgMP | Andy is the program manager of the HQN Program… 0

Question: 8

Andy is the program manager of the HQN Program. This program is nearing its completion and there is still $25,000 left in the program budget. Andy has asked the program team to identify some extra deliverables that can be included in the program scope to improve the program deliverable but also to use all of the funds in the budget. What term is assigned to the actions that Andy is trying to do in this

A. Value-added change requests
B. Zero based budgeting
C. Integrated change control
D. Gold plating

Answer: D

PMI-SP | You are the project manager of the NHQ project… 0

Question: 4

You are the project manager of the NHQ project. Your project has a budget of $1,258,456 and is scheduled to last for three years. Your project is currently forty percent complete though it should be forty-five percent complete. In order to reach this point of the project, you have spent $525,000. Management needs a performance report regarding the NHQ project. Management is concerned that this project will be over budget upon completion. What is the estimate at completion for this project that you will need to report to management?

A. -$62,922.80
B. $1,312,504
C. $1,525,000
D. $787,504

Answer: B


The estimate at completion can be calculated by dividing the budget at completion by the cost performance index. Here, CPI =EV/AC=(0.40*1,258,456)/525000 = 0.95882 EAC = BAC/CPI = 1,258456/0.95882 = 1,312,504 What is Estimate at Completion (EAC)? Estimate at Completion (EAC) is a field that displays the final cost of the project including the actual costs and the forecast of remaining costs based on the cost performance index (CPI) so far. The formula used to calculate this estimate is as follows: ACWP+(BAC-BCWP)/CPI
Answer option D is incorrect. $787,504 is the estimate to complete. Answer option A is incorrect. -$62,922.80 is the schedule variance. Answer option C is incorrect. This is not a valid calculation for this question.

PgMP | A project manager in your program has estimated the… 0

Question: 7

A project manager in your program has estimated the cost of a program to be $145,000. As the project manager\’s project comes close to completion, the project manager realizes that he has still $27,876 left in his project budget. He decides to add some additional features to the project\’s deliverables in an effort to use the remaining budget. These additions will add value to the project and the project customer is likely to enjoy these new features. This is an example of what term?

A. Gold plating
B. Errors and omissions
C. Expert judgment by the project manager
D. Value added change

Answer: A

PMI-SP | Winnie is the project manager for her company… 0

Question: 3

Winnie is the project manager for her company. She has been recording the actual durations of the project work to determine the actual progress of her project. Winnie needs to generate an updated project schedule based on project performance. She is using the supporting schedule data, manual scheduling methods, and her project management software to perform schedule network analysis. What other tool Winnie can use to help and generate an updated project schedule?

A. Critical path method
B. Schedule management plan
C. Scheduling tool
D. Critical chain method

Answer: C


The scheduling tool is the only other tool that can help Winnie to create an updated project schedule. The scheduling tool is used in combination with manual methods or further project management software to carry out the schedule network analysis to produce an updated project schedule. Answer option A is incorrect. The critical path method can be analyzed, but it is a part of the project management information system. In addition, the critical path is not better or worse than the critical chain method so by having both answers among the choices both answers are cancelled. Answer option D is incorrect. The critical chain method can be analyzed, but it is the part of the project management information system. In addition, the critical path is not better or worse than the critical path method so by having both answers among the choices both answers are cancelled. Answer option B is incorrect. The schedule management plan may need to be referenced to create a new project schedule, but it is not a tool that Winnie can use.

PMI-SP | Examine the figure given below: Which path is considered the critical… 0

Question: 2

Examine the figure given below: Which path is considered the critical path?


Answer: B


The critical path is the path in the project network diagram with the longest duration. In project management, a critical path is the sequence of project network activities which add up to the longest overall duration. This determines the shortest time possible to complete the project. Any delay of an activity on the critical path directly impacts the planned project completion date (i.e. there is no float on the critical path). In this instance path ACGIJ is the longest as it takes 23 days. Answer options C and D are incorrect. These paths take 13 days. Answer option A is incorrect. This path only takes 19 days.