Know how about PMI’s Certification

PMI (Project Management Institute) credentials are the most important industry-recognized certifications for IT professionals in the field of project management. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMI’s certifications demonstrate that you have the experience, education, and competency to lead and direct projects.

There are five different certifications offered by the PMI which are as follows:

1. PgMP: Program Management Professional
2. PMP: Project Management Professional
3. CAPM: Certified Associate Project Manager
4. PMI-SP: PMI Scheduling Professional
5. PMI-RMP: PMI Risk Management Professional

PMP certification is the most popular one among the five certifications offered by PMI. This is regarded as one of the most coveted and prestigious project management certifications in the world. Although it’s a difficult exam and costs are on the higher side, but there are many professional advantages of doing PMP and there is no doubt about that PMP can excel your career to new heights.

Benefits of achieving PMI's Certification

A PMI’s credential opens up great opportunities for IT professionals, on the career front. It expands your market scope and value, improves your project management skills, exhibits your ability to handle challenging projects, brings in critical projects for you, and increases your salary tremendously.

Here are the top 10 benefits of achieving this valuable Credential:

1. It is globally recognized and accepted credential.
2. It sets you apart from your non-credential peers.
3. Recognizes your project management skills worldwide.
4. Enhances your project management skills.
5. Empowers you with skills to Improve project performance.
6. Validates and displays your skills and experience in successfully completing challenging and critical industry-based projects.
7. Increases your value as a PMP and gives you the scope to lead, direct, and implement challenging projects.
8. Provides you greater job opportunities in the global project management scenario.
9. Attaining PMI credential expands your market reach by getting out to potential employers from across the globe.
10. Increases your salary noticeably.

Earn a PMI credential now and step ahead in your Project Management Career

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PMI-SP | You are the project manager of the GHE… 0

Question: 31

You are the project manager of the GHE Project. You have identified the following risks with the characteristics as shown in the following figure: How much capital should the project set aside for the risk contingency reserve?

A. $142,000
B. $232,000
C. $41,750
D. $23,750

Answer: D


Contingency reserves are estimated costs to be used at the discretion of the project manager to deal with anticipated, but not certain, events. These events are “known unknowns” and are part of the project scope and cost baselines. The contingency reserve is calculated by multiplying the probability and the impact for the risk event value for each risk event. The sum of the risk events equals the contingency reserve for the project. Note that Risk D is a positive risk amount.

Answer option C is incorrect. This value is the sum of the risk events if you did not include Risk D as a positive risk value.
Answer option A is incorrect. This is a sum of the risk event.
Answer option B is incorrect. This is a sum of the risk events without including Risk D as a positive risk event.

PgMP | You need to ensure that each project manager is… 0

Question: 32

You are the program manager for your organization and you are preparing to launch several constituent projects within your program. You need to ensure that each project manager is authorized to utilize the appropriate project and program resources in order to complete the project requirements. What document do you need to create for each constituent project in your program to ensure that each project manager can use the appropriate resources?

A. Project charter
B. Project scope statement
C. Project resource requirements document
D. Roles and responsibilities chart

Answer: A

CAPM | A project management office manages a number… 0

Question: 49

A project management office manages a number of aspects including the:

A. Project scope, schedule, cost, and quality of the products of the work packages.
B. Central coordination of communication management across projects.
C. Assignment of project resources to best meet project objectives.
D. Overall risk, overall opportunity, and interdependencies among projects at the enterprise level.

Answer: D

PgMP | Your program has a budget of… 0

Question: 31

You are the program manager for your organization. Your program has a budget of $750,000 and is expected to last one year. The program is currently 30 percent complete and has spent $245,000. The program is supposed to be 40 percent at this time. What is the schedule performance index (SPI) for this program?

A. Negative ten percent
B. .75
C. $300,000
D. $225,000

Answer: B