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PMI-SP Dumps

Questions: 42

Management is concerned about your project. They want to know how the project is performing specifically the schedule performance index. What formula do you use to find the schedule performance index?



Answer: D

Questions: 41

You are the project manager for your organization. Management has asked you to document the holidays, weekends, and other corporate working hours, which will supersede the project timings for your schedule. Which calendar will communicate to the project stakeholders, when the project work will take place within the organization?

A. Project calendar
B. Resource calendar
C. Organizational calendar
D. Company calendar

Answer: A

Questions: 40

You have a project to install 45,900 emergency exit signs throughout a university campus. You have a crew of 45 project team members to install the signs and they are making good progress on the installation but it looks like they’ll miss the promised end date. Your project requires all of the signs to be installed one week before classes are scheduled to begin. You elect to crash the project in an effort to shorten the installation duration activity. What does it mean to crash the project?

A. Increase the working hours.
B. Level the project schedule.
C. Add more workers.
D. Reduce the project scope.

Answer: C

Questions: 39

You are the project manager of a project that has a budget of $675,000 and you have completed 40 percent of the project work. Your project is supposed to be 60 percent complete but you are actually only 40 percent complete. Due to some errors, however, you have actually spent $335,000 of the budget. Management wants to know what the project’s cost performance index (CPI) is. What value do you report?

A. -$135,000
B. .67
C. .81
D. -$65,000

Answer: C

Questions: 38

Tom works as the project manager for BlueWell Inc. He is working with his project to ensure timely and appropriate generation, retrieval, distribution, collection, storage, and ultimate disposition of project information. What is the process in which Tom is working?

A. Work performance measurement
B. Stakeholder expectation management
C. Project communication management
D. Stakeholder analysis

Answer: C

Questions : 37

You are the project manager of the NHL Project for your organization. You are working with your project team to create the schedule baseline for this project. According to you, which of the following statements describes how the schedule baseline is created?

A. It is derived from the constraints of the project.
B. It is assigned to the project by management.
C. It is created by the stakeholders.
D. It is developed from the schedule network analysis.

Answer: D

Question: 36

Your project is installing 8,000 light fixtures in a new building. Each of the light fixtures is to be installed exactly the same way but you have discovered that some of the fixtures are installed incorrectly. You and the project team meet and agree to fix the fixtures and to install all future fixtures the same way. This is an example of what executing activity?

A. Risk response
B. Team development
C. Risk mitigation
D. Corrective action

Answer: D

Question: 35

Gary is the project manager of the NGH project for his organization. He and the project team have created the initial WBS. Before Gary and the project team begin creating the activity list, Gary wants the project team to help him create a unique numbering system for the deliverables identified in the WBS. What numbering system can Gary and the project team apply to the WBS to identify the components of the WBS?

A. Code of accounts
B. Chart of accounts
C. Component numbering
D. Activity linkage sequencing

Answer: A

Question: 34

You work as a Project Manager for Dreams Unlimited Inc. You are looking for performance efficiencies of a project. The related key values are provided in the table below:

BCWP (or EV)325
BCWS (or PV) 300
ACWP (or AC)410

What will be the cost performance index (CPI) of the project at the current point of time?

A. 0.923
B. 1.083
C. 1.261
D. 0.792

Answer: D

Question: 33

Gary is the project manager for his organization. At each weekly status meeting with his project team, Gary collects information on the work that has been completed and reviews the work that is remaining in the project. Alice, one of Gary’s project team members, consistently reports that she’s late on her project work. After the meeting, Gary and Alice discuss why the work is late as it is causing other delays in the project. What is the review of the late work commonly called?

A. Variance analysis
B. Leadership
C. Quality control
D. Discipline

Answer: A


Variance analysis is the study to determine why a variance in the project exists. Alice’s late work may be for a number of reasons so Gary needs to determine why in order to address the problem. Variance analysis is a process that examines the dissimilarities between the planned and the actual budget or schedule in order to discover unacceptable risks to the budget, schedule, quality, or scope of the project. It is a method for resolving the total variance in the set of scope, schedule, and cost variables into particular component variances that are associated with defined factors affecting the cost, scope and schedule variables.

Answer option D is incorrect. Discipline is not the best answer as Gary, at this point, is simply reviewing the situation to determine why the variance exists.
Answer option C is incorrect. Quality control is the inspection of the work results to prove the existence of quality and to prevent mistakes from reaching the customer.
Answer option B is incorrect. This may be a type of leadership, but it is not the best answer for the question.

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