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PMI-RMP Exam Dumps

Question: 19

Which one of the following is the only output for the qualitative risk analysis process?

A. Enterprise environmental factors
B. Project management plan
C. Risk register updates
D. Organizational process assets

Answer: C

Question: 18

The Project Risk Management knowledge area focuses on which of the following processes? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

A. Quantitative Risk Analysis
B. Risk Monitoring and Control
C. Potential Risk Monitoring
D. Risk Management Planning

Answer: A,B,D

Question: 17

Beth is the project manager of the BFG Project for her company. In this project Beth has decided to create a contingency response based on the performance of the project schedule. If the project schedule variance is greater than $10,000 the contingency plan will be implemented. What is the formula for the schedule variance?


Answer: D

Questions: 16

There are five outputs of the risk monitoring and controlling process. Which one of the following is NOT an output of the process?

A. Organizational process assetsupdates
B. Risk register updates
C. Vendor contracts
D. Change requests

Answer: C

Questions: 15

John works as a project manager for ABD project. He and his team, are working on the following activities:

Relative ranking or priority list of project risks
Watchlists of low priority risk
Trends in Qualitative Risk Analysis results
On which of the following processes is John working on?

A. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
B. Plan Risk Management
C. Plan Risk Responses
D. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Answer: A

Questions: 14

What risk identification technique allows participants to identify the project risks and to remain anonymous?

A. Influence diagrams
B. Assumptions analysis
C. Surveys
D. Delphi technique

Answer: D

Questions: 13

You are the project manager of the KJH Project and are working with your project team to plan the risk responses. Consider that your project has a budget of $500,000 and is expected to last six months. Within the KJH Project you have identified a risk event that has a probability of .70 and has a cost impact of $350,000. When it comes to creating a risk response for this event what is the risk exposure of the event that must be considered for the cost of the risk response?

A. The risk exposure of the event is $245,000.
B. The risk exposure of the event is $500,000.
C. The risk exposure of the event is $350,000.
D. The risk exposure of the event is $850,000.

Answer: A

Questions: 12

John is the project manager of the NHQ Project for his company. His project has 75 stakeholders, some of which are external to the organization. John needs to make certain that he communicates about risk in the most appropriate method for the external stakeholders. Which project management plan will be the best guide for John to communicate to the external stakeholders?

A. Risk Response Plan
B. Risk Management Plan
C. Communications Management Plan
D. Project Management Plan

Answer: C

Questions: 11

You are the project manager of the NHQ Project for your company. You have completed qualitative and quantitative analysis of your identified project risks and you would now like to find an approach to increase project opportunities and to reduce threats within the project. What project management process would best help you?

A. Monitor and control project risks
B. Create a risk governance approach
C. Create the project risk register
D. Plan risk responses

Answer: D

Questions: 10

You are preparing to start the qualitative risk analysis process for your project. You will be relying on some
organizational process assets to influence the process. Which one of the following is NOT a probable reason for relying on organizational process assets as an input for qualitative risk analysis?

A. Studies of similar projects by risk specialists
B. Risk databases that may be available from industry sources
C. Review of vendor contracts to examine risks in past projects
D. Information on prior, similar projects

Answer: C

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