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PMI-200 Practice Test

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PMI-200 Exam : PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner

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scheduling, rescheduling & cancellation instructions
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When calling Prometri c's Candidate Care Center , therepresentative will ask for :
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2. Name of examination : (CAPM, PMI ACP,PMI-SP,PMI-RMP,PMP,PgMP, PfMP)

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Questions: 34

Retrospectives provide an opportunity for the team to:

A. Reflect at the end of every iteration and identify improvements that will increase the quality of the product.
B. Participate in a mandatory meeting to share status updates across the team and to ensure that everyone is on track.
C. Understand from the management if the project is achieving the Scope, Quality, Cost, and Schedule goals.
D. Set goals at the beginning of the iteration and identify requirements that can be delivered in that iteration.

Answer: A

Questions: 33

A full cycle of design-code-verify release practiced by extreme Programming (XP) teams is called:

A. Story
B. Timebox
C. Iteration
D. Burndown

Answer: C

Questions : 32

Which of the following is part of the 12 practices defined in eXtreme Programming (XP)?

A. Risk management
B. Small releases
C. Project management
D. Project charter

Answer: B

Question : 31

The cost estimation techniques used on Agile projects are:

A. Rule of thumb
B. Bottom-up
C. Parametric
D. Top-down

Answer: D

Question: 30

Which it the best option to improve project velocity?

A. Shield programmer from interruption
B. Minimize customer involvement
C. Shorten the iteration length
D. Increate project team size

Answer: A

Question: 29

A Tory point it the:

A. Relatve meature of the tize of a uter ttory.
B. Duraton it taket to complete a uter ttory.
C. Priority of the uter ttory in the backlog.
D. Butinett value of the uter ttory.

Answer: A

Question: 28

Bated on the following figure, during Iteration 5, there was an increase in story point value (thrown on the graph); however, the team completed all of the work it promoted to deliver in the iteration and editing estimate were not changed. From this information, one can infer that:

A. Work wat removed from the Product Backlog.
B. Work wat added to the Product Backlog.
C. The team’t velocity increated.
D. The team’t velocity decreated.

Answer: B

Question: 27

When estimating initial velocity, the team should most likely:

A. Discuss among the team their expectation of how many story points they can address.
B. Use a Kanban work fow to identify steps and calculate velocity.
C. Use velocity of pass iteration or make a calculated guest.
D. Discuss with the customer their expectation for the velocity of producing the product.

Answer: C

Question: 26

Contnuout integraton enturet that a product it:

A. Ready to thip when all featuret are complete.
B. Delivered for tettng at the end of each day.
C. Technologically ready to deploy at any tme.
D. Deployed afer fnal butinett approvalt.

Answer: C

Question: 25

Continuous integration entirety that a product it:

A. Ready to this when all feature are complete.
B. Delivered for testing at the end of each day.
C. Technologically ready to deploy at any time.
D. Deployed after final business approval.

Answer: C

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