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PMI-100 Questions Answers

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CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) Exam

Schedule Online (CAPM) Schedule your appointment online at the Prometric website ( Upon arrival, you will noticethat the page is divided into the two options.

Under the section labeled “I want to...,”please select the right side, forCAPM candidates. You will be prompted to complete the following steps:

When calling Prometri c's Candidate Care Center , therepresentative will ask for :

1. Testing program : Project Management Institute

2. Name of examination : (CAPM, PMI ACP,PMI-SP,PMI-RMP,PMP,PgMP, PfMP)

1.Select “Schedule an Exam”from the menu provided.

2.Select your testing location from the drop down menu provided, and click “Next.”

3.Select your testing Client and Program (“PMI–Project Management Institute”), and click “Next.”

4.Review the general information regarding PMI testingprocedures testing on the screen, and click “Next.”

5.Select your Exam (“PMI-100–CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)”). If you haveselected a language aid in PMI’s database, you must make your selection here as well, under the“Language” field. Once you have selected your Exam and Language, click “Next.”

6.A complete listing of all testing sites available in the selected area will be presented on the screen. Pleaseselect “Schedule Appointment” next to your preferred testing site.

7.At this point in the process, you will be required to create a Prometric profile and password that is unique

from your profile username and password. In order to create your profile, please select “New user?

Create a new account.”

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Question: 41

Which of the following is an input to the Qualitative Risk Analysis process?

A. Risk register
B. Risk data quality assessment
C. Risk categorization
D. Risk urgency

Answer: A

Questions: 40

Which of the following is an input to Develop Human Resource Plan?

A. Team performance assessment
B. Roles and responsibilities
C. Staffing management plan
D. Enterprise environmental factors

Answer: D

Questions: 39

Which quality control technique illustrates the 80/20 Principle?

A. Ishikawa diagram
B. Control Chart
C. Run Chart
D. Pareto Chart

Answer: D

Questions: 38

Which activity is an input to the select sellers process?

A. Organizational process assets
B. Resource availability
C. Change control process
D. Team performance assessment

Answer: A

Questions : 37

Which process group typically consumes the bulk of a project’s budget?

A. Monitoring & Controlling
B. Executing
C. Planning
D. Initiating

Answer: B


Question: 36

Which Activity Duration Estimating technique incorporates additional timing for contingency purposes?

A. Analogous Estimating
B. Expert Judgment
C. Optimistic Estimates
D. Reserve Analysis

Answer: D

Question: 35

All of the statements regarding control accounts and planning packages are true EXCEPT:

A. Control accounts and planning packages are tools / techniques of Schedule Development process.
B. A control account is an assigned WBS level used to monitor cost and schedule performance of significant element of work.
C. Planning packages reflect a future segment of work within a control account that has not yet been decomposed into detailed work packages.
D. As work becomes more clearly defined, planning packages are converted into work packages.

Answer: A

Questions : 34

At the end of the project, what will be the value of SV?

A. Positive
B. Zero
C. Negative
D. Greater than one

Answer: B

PMI exam PMI-100 has been Retired by PMI.

Question: 33

The PV is $1000, EV is $2000 and AC is $1500. What is CPI?

A. 1.33
B. 2.00
C. 0.75
D. 0.5

Answer: A

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