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Topic: PgMP Question Answers

PgMP | You are program manager for the HYH Program… 0

Question: 23

You are program manager for the HYH Program. Your program governance is requiring you to use earned value management to predict how closely your program is tracking to the cost and schedule baselines and to predict overall program performance. Which earned value management formula can you use to predict how much more will need to be invested in the program based on current program performance?


Answer: D

PgMP | You are a program manager for your organization… 0

Question: 22

You are a program manager for your organization. You have proposed a program to the management that will last four years and will cost $35 million to create. Management has asked to see the program charter and the proposed costs and benefits of the program. Management agrees to your program charter and proposed to fund the program in increment at the completion of each milestone. What type of funding does management proposed for this program?

A. Tentative
B. Step funding
C. Milestone approval
D. Phase gate estimating Guaranteed

Answer: B

PgMP | Donna is the project manager for her organization… 0

Question: 21

Donna is the project manager for her organization. She is preparing a plan to manage changes to the project should changes be requested. Her change management plan defines the process for documenting, tracking, and determining if the changes should be approved or declined. What system is considered the parent of the change control system documented in Donna\’s plan?

A. Quality Management System
B. Change Control System
C. Project Management Information System
D. Integrated Change Control System

Answer: C

PgMP | You can use to monitor, control, and record the performance… 0

Question: 20

You are the program manager for your organization. Your program team has 43 people that all need to be monitored and controlled. You would like to create a standardized report that you can use to monitor, control, and record the performance of each staff member in your program. What type of report can you create that will help you track your staff and their performance?

A. Performance reports
B. Staff variance reports
C. Exceptions report
D. Lessons learned

Answer: A

PgMP | Mike is the program manager of the NHQ Program… 0

Question: 18

Mike is the program manager of the NHQ Program. Mike and a vendor are in disagreement over the deliverable the vendor has created for Mike\’s program. Mike does not believe the vendor has correctly created the deliverable, while the vendor is adamant that his company has indeed completed the contract. Both parties have documented their stance in the debate. This is an example of what?

A. Breach of contract
B. Issue
C. Risk
D. Claim

Answer: D

PgMP | Eric is the project manager of the NQQ Project… 0

Question: 17

Eric is the project manager of the NQQ Project and has hired the ZAS Corporation to complete part of the project work for Eric\’s organization. Due to a change request the ZAS Corporation is no longer needed on the project even though they have completed nearly all of the project work. Is Eric\’s organization liable to pay the ZAS Corporation for the work they have completed so far on the project?

A. It depends on what the outcome of a lawsuit will determine.
B. No, the ZAS Corporation did not complete all of the work.
C. It depends on what the termination clause of the contract stipulates.
D. Yes, the ZAS Corporation did not choose to terminate the contract work.

Answer: C

PgMP | Harriet is the program manager of a large program… 0

Question: 16

Harriet is the program manager of a large program that has a high profile and visibility in her organization. Some of the stakeholders are negative and Harriet needs to work with these stakeholders to address their fears, perceived threats, and concerns about the program. Which communication method is considered to be the best approach for this scenario?

A. Face-to-face
B. Many-to-many
C. Ad hoc conversation
D. One-to-many

Answer: A