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Question: 37

Which stakeholder approves a project’s result?

A. Customer
B. Sponsor
C. Seller
D. Functional manager

Answer: A

Question: 36

Which type of probability distribution is used to represent uncertain events such as the outcome of a test or a possible scenario in a decision tree?

A. Uniform
B. Continuous
C. Discrete
D. Linear

Answer: C

Question: 35

In project management, a temporary project can be:

A. Completed without planning
B. A routine business process
C. Long in duration
D. Ongoing to produce goods

Answer: C

Question: 34

Stakeholders can be identified in later stages of the project because the Identify Stakeholders process should be:

A. Continuous
B. Discrete
C. Regulated
D. Arbitrary

Answer: A

Question: 33

The component of the human resource management plan that includes ways in which team members can obtain certifications that support their ability to benefit the project is known as:

A. recognition and rewards
B. compliance
C. staff acquisition
D. training needs

Answer: D

Question: 32

Which document in the project management plan can be updated in the Plan Procurement Management process?

A. Budget estimates
B. Risk matrix
C. Requirements documentation
D. Procurement documents

Answer: C

Question: 31

During the Plan Risk Management process, assigning ___________ will help you and the project team identify all important risks and work more effectively during the identification process.

A. risk factors
B. blame
C. risk mitigation plans
D. risk categories

Answer: D

Question: 30

Quantitative risk analysis should be performed:

A. only on risks identified by the project manager
B. only in extreme cases
C. only on prioritized risks
D. on all risks

Answer: C


C – Since the quantitative risk analysis is a more in-depth process, it should only be performed on prioritized risks to minimize impact to the overall project schedule. [ PMBOK 5th edition , Page 334] [Project Risk Management] Total Total

Question: 29

The zero duration of milestones in project planning occurs because milestones:

A. Are unpredictable and challenge the Plan Schedule Management process.
B. Occur at random times in the project plans.
C. Represent a moment in time such as a significant project point or event.
D. Represent both significant and insignificant points in the project and are difficult to anticipate.

Answer: C

Question: 28

The date through which the project has provided actual status and accomplishments is called:

A. Data Date (DD)
B. Due Date (DD)
C. Project Date (PD)
D. Reporting Date (RD)

Answer: A

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