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PMI-ACP Dumps | Which technique is used by…

Questions: 53

Which technique is used by a project team to estimate the amount of work that can be done per iteration?

A. Velocity measurement
B. Relative prioritization
C. Planning Poker
D. Release planning

Answer: A

PMI-SP Practice Test | Your project is installing 8,000…


Your project is installing 8,000 light fixtures in a new building. Each of the light fixtures is to be installed exactly the same way but you have discovered that some of the fixtures are installed incorrectly. You and the project team meet and agree to fix the fixtures and to install all future fixtures the same way. This is an example of what executing activity?

A. Risk response
B. Team development
C. Risk mitigation
D. Corrective action

Answer: D

PMI-RMP Questions Answer | Jenny is the project manager…

Questions: 4

Jenny is the project manager of the NHJ Project for her company. She has identified several positive risk events within the project and she thinks these events can save the project time and money. You, a new team member wants to know that how many risk responses are available for a positive risk event. What will Jenny reply to you?

A. Four
B. Three
C. Seven
D. Acceptance is the only risk response for positive risk events.

Answer: A

PMI-ACP Free Dumps | When developing user stories…

uestion: 52

When developing user stories, user expectations are best captured in what form?

A. Acceptance tests
B. Entrance criteria
C. Done criteria
D. Go and no-go limits

Answer: A

PMP | Nancy’s project is 80% complete…

Question: 47

Nancy’s project is 80% complete. Which of the following is least likely to be updated to the organizational process assets during the Control Stakeholder Engagement process performed at this stage?

A. Project selection criteria
B. Project reports
C. Feedback from the stakeholders
D. Stakeholder notifications

Answer: A

PMI-100 | At the end of the…

Questions : 35

At the end of the project, what will be the value of SV?

A. Positive
B. Zero
C. Negative
D. Greater than one

Answer: B

PMI-200 Questions Answer | Which of the following is…

Questions : 39

Which of the following is part of the 12 practices defined in eXtreme Programming (XP)?

A. Risk management
B. Small releases
C. Project management
D. Project charter

Answer: B

PMP Practice Test | Which of the following is…

Question No : 46

Which of the following is a statistical concept that calculates the average outcome when the future includes scenarios that may or may not happen?

A. Sensitivity analysis
B. Three-point estimate
C. Modeling and simulation
D. Expected monetary value analysis

Answer: D

PMI-SP Questions Answer | Gary is the project manager…

Question: 35

Gary is the project manager of the NGH project for his organization. He and the project team have created the initial WBS. Before Gary and the project team begin creating the activity list, Gary wants the project team to help him create a unique numbering system for the deliverables identified in the WBS. What numbering system can Gary and the project team apply to the WBS to identify the components of the WBS?

A. Code of accounts
B. Chart of accounts
C. Component numbering
D. Activity linkage sequencing

Answer: A

PgMP Dumps | Your program has 121 stakeholders that…

Question No : 36

Your program has 121 stakeholders that you’ll need to communicate with. Your communications management plan defines how the communication should happen, what should be communicated, and the expected modality of the communications. You’ll also need which one of the following as an input to the information distribution process in your program?

A. Change requests
B. Earned value management results
C. Stakeholder analysis plan
D. Performance reports

Answer: C